Reagan - Wife

My wife's work experience is in accounting & collections along with many other various tasks. Currently, she is working from home running our home-based business S&R Favors and it keeps her busy full-time.

Riley - Dog

Our cute half Wired-Haired Terrier, half Schnauzer puppy is now four years old and is enjoying the prairies of South Dakota. He likes long playtimes at the dog park where he meets new friends and now barks at cars that he can see out in the distance from our back porch (he doesn't know what they are).

Extended Family

My Mom lives in Edgewood, New Mexico and is looking forward to traveling to see friends & family. Reagan's Mom and Step-Dad are currently in Arkansas with other members of his family. Reagan's brother and nephew continue to live in the Denver, Colorado area where we hope to visit often. Reagan's extended family mostly live in the Colorado area whereas mine primarily live in Kansas, Missouri and Alabama. website statistics