K. Shawn Richardson, ALMI

Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57108

Senior IT Programmer/Analyst with 30+ Years of COBOL Experience
Additional Skills
Work History

    2012 - Current

  1. Lead Systems Analyst at Midland National Life / North American Company (Sammons Financial Group, Sioux Falls, SD):
    • Developed and implemented new software applications and modifications for CyberLife and Life/70 within the IT Implementation department.
    • Served as the Technical Lead for Production Support, organizing and assigning IT tickets related to various Life systems, overseeing offshore resources, and supervising implementations.
    • Acted as a System Matter Expert in the Administration Front-End application, Edify—an IVR software package that accessed mainframe systems and translated them into an ASP front-end user interface.
    • Designed technical solutions and correspondence templates using xPression for Billing, Statements, and Life Administration.

    2010 - 2011

  2. CyberLife Contractor at Jackson National Life (The iVantage Group, Lansing, MI):
    • Worked on-site at Jackson’s home office in Lansing, Michigan for the Systems & Programming Policy Administration department.
    • Provided contract services for a major system conversion of half a million policies of Jackson’s Fixed Index Annuity product line (valued over $18 billion) to be administered on CyberLife (release 0701).
    • Made necessary modifications for continued new policy issues on CyberLife, including expanding policy VSAM data segments, creating auto-renewal and end-of-option correspondence, and handling agent data interfacing with Performance Plus.
    • Developed technical solutions using DB2 and embedded SQL for online and batch maintenance of fixed and indexed money funds, implemented default and special request maturity validations by state, processed premium credits, and added policy statement and actuarial extracts for parallel and balance processing on a third-party subsystem

    1997 - 2009

  3. Senior Programmer/Analyst (Computer Sciences Corporation, Englewood, CO):
    • Provided technical solutions for CSC’s Financial Services Group (formerly Cybertek) clients, primarily utilizing the CyberLife insurance application and Wealth Management Accelerator (formerly Vantage One).
    • Developed tailored modifications for advanced life insurance products, annuities, conversions, routines, and reports specific to CSC clients, including New York Life, Pacific Life, Allstate’s Lincoln Benefit Life, Swiss Re, Nationwide, Travelers, ING, Allianz, and Sun Life.
    • Implemented custom CyberLife enhancements within new business, administration, billing, distribution, reporting, and correspondence. These enhancements included bonus interest rate processing, agent persistency tracking, death benefit options, policy value forecasting, and modifications to policy and annual statements.
    • Collaborated with external systems such as VP/MS, Performance Plus, and DataExchange for web-enabled GUI modifications.
    • Managed conversions for existing client products, including Term, UL, VUL, and Indexed Annuity policies, as well as CyberLife release upgrades and cherry-picked enhancements from previous CSC/Cybertek releases.
    • Contributed to the development of CSC’s internal conversion data warehousing tools. Assumed Project Management duties, including preparing RFP documents, monitoring risk management, and overseeing critical path and deliverables. Led a three-month project for Penn Life to develop customized Agent Persistency Reporting within CyberLife.
    • Acted as project lead in the absence of the primary project manager, including leading status meetings and preparing client reports.
    • Senior Supervisor (1998 - 2007):
    • In addition to Sr. Programmer/Analyst responsibilities, managed up to 15 Programmer/Analysts in the CSC Denver office. Oversaw employee project and time allocations, vacation scheduling, and career path development.
    • Ensured efficient employee project utilization and provided conflict management within the team and with client relationships.
    • Conducted employee evaluations and participated in interviewing potential employees

    1996 - 1997

  4. Programmer/Analyst (Perot Systems Corporation, Denver, CO & Detroit, MI):
    • Contractor for Anthem Blue Cross & Blue Shield (Denver, CO - 1997):
    • Administered and maintained the online UNIFY database application on an AS/400 platform using Unix OS. Modified logic in C++ and ACCELL 4GL to convert data transmitted from proprietary client and insurance systems.
    • Utilized command-prompt SQL to maintain database integrity and led the conversion effort for Y2K preparation.
    • Contractor for Chrysler MOPAR (Detroit, MI - 1997):
    • Developed COBOL and inline DB2 SQL code and CICS maps for an automated Voice Response ordering system used to ship auto parts.
    • Identified hazardous materials for special handling.
    • Updated real-time RDBMS inventory adjustments for authorized MOPAR dealers in the United States and Canada.
    • Contractor for Life Partners Group (Denver, CO - 1996):
    • Maintained and developed the CK4 & CyberLife application written in COBOL, using CICS, MVS/JCL, and embedded DB2 SQL code.
    • Oversaw policy migrations from test to production environments.
    • Provided production support and on-call solutions for batch cycles and migrations.
    • Developed and implemented processing and an interface for an Interactive Voice Response system using COBOL code and CICS transactions to update Inforce Policy data

    1992 - 1994

  5. Documentation/Programmer (Public Service Company of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM):
    • Maintained technical manuals and documented job scheduling, data flowcharts, and the overall program architecture for the McDonnell Douglas vehicle fleet maintenance PERMAC application written in COBOL.
    • Implemented modifications to COBOL programs, JCL, and CICS screens.
  1. Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
    • University of Phoenix, Denver, CO (1997-1999)
    • GPA: 3.9
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems
    • Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO (1994-1995)
    • GPA: 3.5
  3. Associate of Applied Science in Business Computer Programming Technology
    • Central New Mexico Community College, Albuquerque, NM (1990-1994)
    • GPA: 3.7
    • Graduated Phi Theta Kappa & with Honors
  1. Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI)
    • Life Office Management Association (LOMA)
  2. E-Commerce Foundations
    • MYND Technologies (CSC)
  1. SFG Culture Counsel (2023 - Current)
  2. SFG IT SuperStar Committee (2022 - Current)
  3. SFG Life IT Culture Committee (2019 - Current)
  4. Phi Theta Kappa (1993-1994)
    • Recording Secretary (2/1994)
  5. CNM (SAT-VI) Student Government (1993-1994)
    • Senator (representing Technologies)
  6. Youth Leadership Club (1987-1990)
    • President (9/1989-5/1990)
  1. IT SuperStar
    • 3/2015, 6/2018, 12/2022, 5/2024
  2. National Dean’s List
    • 1993-1994, 1994-1995
  3. Vice President Honor Roll
    • 12/1991, 4/1992, 4/1993, 8/1993, 12/1993, 4/1994, 8/1994
Shawn Richardson