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New Moon Crescent Report


Below are some interesting links that I have noted. Although I don't necessarily agree/support the viewpoints expressed, they offer additional insight and tools of study:

Hebrew Letters/Numbers
Meaning of Numbers
Meaning of Numbers 2
Biblical Errors (KJV)
Uncommon Biblical Phrases/Sayings (KJV)
Cannonization of the Bible
Video: One Torah for All
Video: One Torah for All
Steven M Collins - Lost 10 Tribes
Observable Hebrew Calendar
Sabbath Church Directory
Ronald Reagan & God
Paul Harvey - the Devil
Complete Biblical Map of Israel
Sid Roth
Passover Chronology
Equinox or Barley
Night to be Much Observed
Set of Beliefs
Bible Study Page (above beliefs)
Article containing arguments for a Local New Moon Only - no trumpet
video (above)
JW Tkach Letter - WWCG changes
IDL Argument (Jerusalem) GMO
Another Calendar argument - compares three methods
Paper on Barley & Calendars
Silver & Shofar Trumpets Article
Is the Pope wearing a yarmulke?
Visual Moon Locally vs Jerusalem vs Calculated
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