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Chain Topics: Sabbath | Repentance | Baptism | Heaven | MAIN (How-to)

One method of marking Bibles for study purposes is the use of Chain References. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember where a particular scripture regarding a subject is located. Perhaps you are being asked questions from someone and would like to be able to access scripture quickly in your own Bible to show them, this can be a great method.

"Chain-referencing" is really very simple, a lot of fun and will help you to really grow in your command of scripture. Here is how to do it:

  1. When studying a topic, locate the most important scriptures and include any comments

  2. Make a "Chain-Reference" index in the front of your Bible, where you can list the subjects you wish to be able to explain or understand. Beside the subject you will list the first scripture which will get you into your subject. For example, you might have an index which begins like this:


Baptism-How to Understand Baptism-Mark 1:14-15

Heaven & Death-Genesis 13:12-15

Repentance from Dead Works--Hebrews 6:1

Sabbath-Genesis 2:2


Now let's suppose that you want to chain-reference the subject "Sabbath" in your Bible. Genesis 2:2 could be your starting scripture. To explain the Sabbath, all you have to do is turn to your index, get your starting scripture, Genesis 2:2, and turn to that passage. Then beside this passage you will make a mark (such as "C.R."), note the topic (i.e. "Sabbath") and then your next scripture reference. You could also use a numbering system, for example, by starting with the number 1 and circling it. Simply look back to your topic index by placing a circled 1 next to the topic "Sabbath".

Once you get on the chain-reference road, it will take you to the end. Following is an illustration of how the Sabbath could be referenced. Notice especially the logical order of scripture and how each scripture "under-girds" the next one. It is a marvelous way to explain and understand Scriptural subjects.

1.  Gen. 2:2 God rests on the seventh day and sanctifies the Sabbath


Here is where you would reference the next scripture in the margins of your Bible
2.  Ex. 16:4-5 The Sabbath a TEST COMMANDMENT to prove whether one will walk in God's Law or not.


3.  Ex. 16:23 God reveals to Israel the CORRECT DAY to keep the Sabbath after they have been in Egypt for 400 years.


SEE MORE This example is continued on the Sabbath Chain page.

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